Friday, February 1, 2013

banner of love

Have I told you that my little sister is getting married? She's 23. And she has her whole life ahead of her. And if you could hear their love story, you'd swoon. It's very sweet. And it all began in a dream. Literally.

But this post isn't about a dream, or a love story, but of course, a handmade craft. Cuz that's the part I do best. :)

I made the lovely bride a banner for a gift. She loves red and aqua so I threw in some wedding and burlap and voila! A banner fit for a newly married couple.

I love making banners. because although they are neither a quick and easy nor a cheap gift, they are full of love. Every time I make a banner for someone, it takes time, space, a minimum of $35 and a lot of thought. But I ALWAYS love how they turn out. And my recipient always loves it, too. I've made banners for holidays, babies, and weddings. And my heart gets filled up with so much love while I spend hours google eyed over their gift that by the time I am done, I'm usually about to explode with joy when I'm finished! You should try it sometime. All it takes is cardboard, different papers, lots of sticker embellishments, grommets, ribbons, flowers, and .... okay, get the point? Lots of effort, but TOTALLY worth it.

And while I'm here, I'll just give you a small glimpse into the craziness. I made my older, wiser sister a replica of my Christmas banner for her Christmas gift. Labor of love, I tell you. But using FaceTime to help her place it in her home? Priceless.

Crazy fun, right there. But trust me, you couldn't pay me enough to make one for you. The cost would be ridiculous. Just make your own! :)

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