Sunday, July 22, 2012

Crafty Sunday

All right. Who's ready for a little crafting?! This is all simple stuff, people. So don't be overwhelmed by my greatness.

First up: your basic road side find meets sassy-ness.

No you can see in the end I went with another fabric because the chevron got lost in the chicken wire. But here you have the basic parts needed. A frame from an old barn (or a roadside shop in Noble, Oklahoma), chicken wire, and your favorite fabric. You will need a staple gun to put it all together.
Next, attach the chicken wire to the back. See how simple this is people?

And then staple on the fabric behind the wire. It's that easy!

That little fleur de lis I found in Canton, Texas at one of their First Mondays. It cost me $1.50.

And voila! The final product in my laundry room! I added some tea-stained clothespins so I could throw "found" socks and such on there.

So... who's going to Canton with me now?

1 comment:

  1. Me! Me! I'm going! I'm going! And I can hardly wait - except I need to start saving some money! :) WooHoo! Cute project!