Thursday, July 5, 2012

Why am I here?!

OK, let's be honest. I started this blog for myself. I've got my feet dipping into so many pools of water (like the analogy? i learned that skill from The Man) that I wanted one place to get it all out there. Truth be told (which is what you'll always hear from me, like it or not), I'm obsessed with a couple of well known bloggers. I heart The Pioneer Woman and The Bloggess. These ladies are frankly, polar opposites. But like my personality, they are eclectic.

The Pioneer Woman (Ree Drummond) lives here in Oklahoma, ended up in a place in life she never imagined as a child, and has a blog that covers everything from photography to cooking and homeschooling. What's not to love?!

On the other hand, you have The Bloggess (Jenny Lawson). She's funny hilarious. She's vulgar. She is eclectic. She is a mom. And she shares her disfunctions openly and honestly. I love her colorful background and her ability to be a functioning member of society today in spite of her past. Love love love this blog!

So, here we are with a blog that no one wants to read and ME! a 39 year old old lady who has a million things on her mind and no where to share them. Hence, 39 is the new 40.

In the future, I hope to figure out how to add tabs to my blog. And here's what they will cover:
and last, but certainly not least... my favorite:

Stick around. You might find something fun! :)

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