Wednesday, June 4, 2014

who am i?

Every once in a while I feel the need to freshen up my bio. I like to reassess where I am in life and where I'm headed.

Currently I'm firmly planted as a part time working mom who is consistently sporadic in her attendance of her son's sports, fully supportive of her daughter's ambitions to be whoever she wants to be, and has survived 15 years of marriage to a man who sees all my flaws and loves me anyway.


But that's wordy, so I focused on single words.

Wife: check
Mama: check
Runner: iffy
Reader: check
Urban Farmer Extraordinaire: yeppers

Not sure if you caught that, but I'm rethinking my current attribute of "runner." To be perfectly honest.... no, I'm not running right now. For the first time in about 5 years.

And this little exercise has got me planning. I don't want to erase that description from my list. So I've signed up for a race. It's next February, but it's paid for, baby. And that means this cheap mama WILL BE THERE. Running. Cuz she's already shelled out the dough.

This will be my sixth half marathon. And it may be ugly since I'm only getting older here. But Cowtown Half Marathon: here I come!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

last day

Well, school's been out for a week now. We've settled into our stay-up-late-and-sleep-later routine quite nicely. At least I have.

But I MUST tell you ONE LAST STORY about my school year with the cutest and funniest kids on earth.

It happened on the last day. We were sitting in a school wide gathering. Each grade was performing for the whole school, one at a time. Being in second grade, we were toward the middle of the "show." It was very hard to sit still. Even for me. And you KNOW it was torture for my precious little guys, who are wired to move. Frequently.

I was sitting next to one of my funnier ones. Remember the butt pimple? Yah, that little one.

He's trying his hardest. He really is. But he can't help chatting a little, here and there, when the words are too many to hold inside. So he turns to me at one point and points to his knee. There, where he's pointing in a miniscule drop of blood. He's staring me straight in the eye and he says:

I'M a SCAB PICKER!! (in a gruff voice)

Gosh I'm gonna miss that guy and the way he makes me laugh.

my 29 hour trip

Well that was fast! My trip to Georgia came and went... in exactly 29 hours. Since I was flying standby with Delta, I spent an entire day in the OKC airport, hoping to get out. I made new friends, had Schlotzsky's for lunch, wore a cute outfit that no one got to see, and went home at the end of the day.

Day two started just like the first, sitting in the airport waiting and wishing at 5 am. And at 5:45, when the last people were being called, on a wing and a prayer, I got on! I was over the moon. I couldn't stop smiling for 20 minutes into the flight.

And after a short nap, boom, I was there! My sweet brother-in-law picked me up at the airport with coffee in hand, and we were off!

We spent the day celebrating this sweet thang. And let me say, I've never attended a homeschool graduation before. It was by far the coolest graduation I've ever had the privilege to witness. Too cool.

Me and my sweet god-daughter.

Me and my biffle.

My mama and her girls.

The whole crazy family. LOVE.

And then that was it. We went to bed, woke up, had coffee on the deck, went to church (where Beth and I held hands and I cried because I was already knowing I'd miss her in 2 hours), and then we came home for lunch.

Time to go. 29 hours after I landed, I was back at the airport. Heading home. Sniff sniff.