Saturday, January 18, 2014

clear as dirt

Do you know what I love about running?

It makes all things that are muddy, clear as dirt.

Today, I went out for this:

And my thought was: HERE GOES NOTHIN'!

I didn't get my long run in last weekend, partly because I didn't get my lazy butt out of bed early and partly because my kids are in basketball and theatre and tournaments, oh my!

Either way, no excuses. I didn't do it.

So today, I set the goal of running 8-9 miles. And I mapped out my course on map my run. And then I hit the trail.

Running for a long distance with no one to talk to but Jesus brings a lot of clarity.

And today I came to realize that I'm not ready to run a half marathon. And it's O. K.


I'm going to run the 10K at Cowtown and call it good! Woooohooooo! Watch me run, people!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

making goals

Sometimes in life we alter our goals. In one case it may because we need to push ourselves harder and in another it could be to face reality.

I went out for a run today. It's been a laaaaazy Christmas break and I've had lots of fun laying around and sleeping. And not running.

So I've been thinking about what races I'd like to run in 2014. And my favorite race is in Fort Worth, Texas. They run it every year in February and it's called Cowtown. This will be my third year and I'm really excited. However, I haven't been good at training this time around.

Last year I got the flu in January and was only able to run a pitiful 10K at Cowtown. But this year, I'm excited to run the half again.

And thus, the altered goal.

I'm squeezing in a modified training and doing a 3:1 minute Run/Walk to make this happen. My 7 miles today were amazing! I can do this!!

So let me end with this little lesson on running.

When you're running a long way and you need to pee, what do you do?
a. sprint to the closest gas station
b. swing by a friend's house
c. pee down your leg
d. squat in the bushes

Let me tell you what I do. Keep running. And you know why?

1. I don't want my potty stop to affect my time. I know, sounds crazy. But I'm not alone in the running world.
2. Two words: Desert Rat. Do you know about the Desert Rat? It pees very infrequently and when it goes, there is a tiny single drop of very concentrated urine.
Why did I tell you this? Because inevitably, if I wasted my time stopping to pee and throw my time off, I would be the Dessert Rat.

Not worth it. TOTALLY not worth it.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

675 eggs and then some

This is one of three ornaments I got this Christmas season from sweet friends who know and love that I love my girls.

Yes, 675. That's how many eggs we got from our girls in 2013. Well, since I started counting. And I started counting when they all started laying.

They all started laying May 1. They were 6 months old. And productive! Clearly.

Interesting stats (if you give a hoot at all about my silly chickens):

*June was their best month (130 eggs)

*From May-August, they laid the majority of their eggs. 476.

*In December, they (and by they, I mean Eva) laid 22 eggs total. Ouch. I hated buying eggs in the store.

All in all, a good first year with my girls. They are still roaming the yard daily, enjoying each other's company and the occasional visit from Chloe, and staying out of trouble. The cold weather has not deterred them. Although when it's snowed, they stay in the run. And yes, they are warm and fine at night, for those of you worrying that I don't worry enough. That means you, Mom. ;)

Yes. 675 eggs. That's a lot of farm fresh goodness. Right here in suburbia.