Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I'm the kind of person who is all or nothing. Black or white. Rule follower extraordinaire. I'm either going to start and complete a project or I won't begin at all. You could even say that I'm obsessed or indifferent.

So this latest obsession of mine is exciting. CHICKENS!

Oh yes. Chickens. I'm going to raise them in my backyard. Because I can! And because I LOVE fresh eggs that look like these!!

I've ordered my Easter Egger bantam chickens online. And when they get here there will be some FUN TO BE HAD AT OUR HOUSE! You are welcome to bring your kids for a field trip. Because if they were coming to your backyard, I WOULD TOTALLY INVITE MYSELF OVER. Don't even kid yourself that I wouldn't.

Stay tuned... Next up on Channeling Kim: Making the perfect loaf of bread straight from the wheat berry....

1 comment:

  1. Oh I cannot wait to see this! And the chicken coop will probably be the fanciest in town! So cool!