Friday, September 28, 2012

Flo face plants

I know you've been wondering. Are we going to name the chicks?! Well of course we are! Allow me to introduce you to the cutest gals on the block, made extra cute for their ability to fall asleep on the fly. Literally. These little ladies will fall asleep anywhere at any time. And they will sprawl out and make a big show of it, which makes it even STINKIN' CUTER!

See the red light? That's their heat lamp, keeping them warm so their little bodies can do the business of growing like weeds. So without further ado, meet (from the top): Pearl, Flo, and Dot. They are our white/yellow easter eggers. The darker ones below that? Those are Eva and Beaker (Abby's and Gavin's respectively).

Aaaaaand, here we have Flo (short for Flossy), who was eating one minute and snoring the next. God love her.

That's Eva next to her, wondering if she should wake her up and allow her to regain her dignity even though the photo had already been snapped.

Apparently the answer to that is NO. Because Eva turned her back on poor Flo and laid down for her own nap while Pearl meandered over and snuggled in for HER siesta.

I know what you're thinking. I use a lot of Spanish words for someone who doesn't know Spanish. It's all in an effort to confuse you, dear reader.

Are these birds not hilarious?? I'm having the best time getting to know them and their cute personalities!

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