Wednesday, February 18, 2015

plans delayed.

We interrupt this home remodel with an inspection report that requires a lot of money to repair. We will return to regular programming when the details get hammered out.

So, today.

Today we met with our daughter's spine doctor. The sweet and mild mannered Dr. P. He's awesome. And smart. Super smart.

We totally trust his judgement, because he is, after all, the head of the pediatric spine department in OKC. We love Dr. P.

But today, when I had really figured in my mind that we'd come to a crossroads and see some decisions being made, it just didn't happen.

It's not the doctor's fault. And it's not even sweet Abby's fault.

Honestly, we were hoping that God would answer our prayers for a daughter whose curvy back just keeps curving. She had stopped growing in height! But her curve? No. In fact, today we learned that it grew another 10 degrees in BOTH directions.

So will she have surgery? Not any time soon. But eventually? Still a possibility.

(Humph.) Big sigh.

Here's her x-ray. I could tell the moment it was on the screen that her curvature had grown.


So between now and November, we are trusting and praying that God's plan for my daughter will unfold exactly as it should. In His time, not mine.

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