Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Have I told you how much I LOVE my new job?? I. AM. IN. LOVE. I love the kids (cutest kids EVER.), the staff, my teammate, my boss, the job itself. I love it!

I love how after I've worked a day, I get a day off afterwards. Or four!

I love how we pray at the beginning of the day. We pray before lunch. We pray in bible class. And I love that at the end of the day when I'm physically tired, I'm emotionally charged. I love that God gives me everything I need to get through each day.

And do you know what else I love? I love that my family still gets the best of me. I love that I'm working, but I'm not spent. I have emotional energy left every afternoon to give to my own children. And that is worth it's weight in gold.

I love that I have a reason to get dressed and wear makeup four days a week now (between school, BSF, and church). And I love that there are downtimes when I can wear my jammies and clean my house all day.

But mostly I LOVE that I have a God who has gone before me. He knew He wanted me in this school before I knew I wanted to teach part time. And I love that He loved me so much that He placed each and every child into my class for a purpose.

I'm imperfect. I make mistakes. And I'm a piece of work. But God loves me in spite of myself. And there is nothing like the feeling that you are EXACTLY where you were created to be in life. Right smack dab in the middle of God's will for ME.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Kim's Highlight Run of the Week part 3

I like to keep it real here on my blog. So are you ready to see my highlight run of the week? It was right here:

Oh wait. What? Did I run on my couch? NO, you silly goose! That's me NOT sitting on my couch!

Here's the actual view I had with the sun rising and a cool breeze in the shade:

You see, sometimes keeping it real is being honest that you were lucky to get off the couch that day. Today was that day. However, in equal honesty, there was a lotta walkin' today. I made a rookie mistake. I ate a salad for dinner last night and nothing before I went out this morning. So I was having a great run up until about 3.5 miles. And then there was a lotta walkin'. I also neglected to plant water on my route. AND I headed out on a stretch of road that I know, good and well, does not have a single place to get a drink. Rookie mistake. I had to wait til I was a half mile from home before I could sneak into CVS and drink from their refreshingly freezing water fountain.

So there it is... the good, the bad, and the ugly about my run today. My highlight? Doing it at all! 6 miles... check.

Friday, August 23, 2013

middle school problems

My daughter is in middle school. A "sevie" as she likes to call it. For the old people like me out there, that translates to "seventh grade." She's having a blast and is happy for summer to be over so she can see her friends again every day!

Today as we are rushing to get her out the door, she throws a stack of papers at me. "Sign these!" she says.

I'm a rule follower. So I grab a pen and start signing. Do I know what I'm signing? NO! Of course not. But I do remember reading these closely last year and learning that these are the syllabuses for each of her classes. They state the policies and procedures for each subject. I'm instructed to sign that I saw them and return.

After I've signed the last one and grabbed my purse to head out the door she laughs. "Mom! Did you know you have a homework assignment?"


"No. What is it?"

"That English paper you signed asked you to write an essay about me in 500 words or less!"

And then this happened....

OOPS. I guess reading something before you sign it IS a good idea.

Off to type an essay. Because I can't be THAT mom.

Monday, August 19, 2013

a little running story

A week ago I was running 4 miles. I was staying with some friends at their lake house and I needed to get in a run for my training. I'm planning to run the Route 66 Half Marathon in November and training has already started.

While I was running, I was amazed at God's creation around me. I was passing little streams that led to the lake. I heard birds chirping, saw people sitting on their patios enjoying their coffee, and had amazing views over the water as the sun rose. It was an awesome run and one that I don't normally have. It's good to switch up your view sometimes!

It came to me as I was running that I needed to start something new. Kim's Highlight Run of the Week was born! That day I got on facebook, explained what I was doing, and posted a picture of my view.

This week I went back to work. I ran early in the morning before I got ready and really had nothing spectacular to say except that I love running with my small but mighty friend, Brenda. But Saturday night I ran a race (a 5K) in Moore, OK. I dragged the family along, much to their chagrin. And on the drive up, I realized that I had it! My highlight run of the week! I asked The Man to take my pic as I crossed the finish line and I set out on the path.

I had heard there was a local newscaster that was going to be running and I saw him before the race. This race went around Earlywine park, a 1.5 mile loop that we were to run (or walk) twice. It wasn't until I had hit mile 2 that I saw him up ahead.

If you're a runner, you know that you are always looking for the person ahead to "catch." If I can just speed up enough to beat THAT one, I'll be happy. So I set my sights, and hoped for the best.

It took about a half mile, but as I passed him I said "Go Lance!" and a gave him a weak "woohoo!" He turned and smiled and said "How are you!" I kept running. And then about a 3 minutes later, he came up beside me. He said something but my headphones were turned up loud (we all have our coping mechanisms). As I ripped my headphones out to hear him, I said "Oh no! Now I can't let you beat me! My husband will make fun of me!" And that's when he dropped off and said, "I think I'm going to have to let you win then!" with a good hearted smile. I laughed, turned back to him and said, "I'm 40! I'm a WOMAN!" (If you need to know the humor in that, you're probably not from Oklahoma.) To which he yelled up toward me: "I'm 50!" and off I went again.

Slow and steady wins the race, people.

Now, about the time I took the turn to run into the finish line, here he comes again. This time on my left. "I can't let you beat me now," he says. To which I laugh, as I kick it up into high gear. We cross the finish line together, with me a split second before as I lunged in. Apparently I actually DO have a small competitive streak. :)

Afterward I asked him to take a picture with me. And he turned to me after we snapped it. "Thanks for the motivation!" said Lance.

Me and Lance West of Newschannel 4

Everyone needs a little, don't we? It was all in fun, but truthfully, I had already misplaced the girl I was trying to catch. I needed something to drive me in. Running is all about the journey with a few races thrown in. I don't care what trail you're on, you need something to bring you in. Maybe it's the hot shower to warm you up in a winter run. Or maybe it's the coffee you know is waiting. It's even been the nap I plan to take after showering that has done it for me before. But we always need something or someONE to help us finish the journey.

Do you have a running partner? I love mine. Get one and take to the road, folks! If this old and slow lady can run, ANYONE CAN.

Monday, August 5, 2013

woot woot!

This is silly. So silly. Especially since I am a 40 year old woman. But today I got a laptop. The FIRST computer I have EVER owned that belonged only to me! ME!!! Yippee! You're going to be hearing a lot more from this mama now... I can't wait to share the adventures that ensue in my new 2nd grade classical education classroom!!