Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The orchid in the window

Yesterday I was on the phone with my friend Michelle. And as most female conversations go, we were covering the gammet of available topics. I randomly tossed out there that I had this orchid. I had bought it in the spring and one day all the flowers fell off and I was left with a stick. As I carried the pot out to the trashcan I began looking closely at this stick. I tried to break it, but it was still green. LIFE! My guilty conscience told me to carry the stick back inside and stick it in the window. I began watering it every week and watching it do NOTHING. Until about 4 weeks ago. The stick began growing a new leaf at the base. And then a branch began to form. And on that branch were tiny buds (this is where my mind automatically, from years of teaching and mothering, began singing "and on that branch, and on that branch, there was a leaf, there was a leaf....). Oh my! I digress. Anywho, this stick that is on the verge of sprouting some beautiful orchid blooms has been sitting there for quite some time now, I lamented. And I'm sure has caused many visitors to wonder, "Why does she have a stick in her window?"

And this is when Michelle, in her infinite wisdom says to me, "You know, it's like an analogy of life. It's like God sees us and to everyone else we appear to be useless, a stick. But he puts us in the window and patiently waters us and watches us grow until the day when we bloom!" Wow. So simple and so true.

I love that some people can think in analogies. It's not my gift. I craft well instead.

The infamous orchid

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