Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Eggs

I can't stop smiling. Really, I have this grin plastered onto my nerdy face right now. And do you want to know why?? Let me show you.

Yesterday afternoon I went out to the coop on a whim. I've been on pins and needles for about 2 weeks now, waiting for my sweet girls to produce. And I figured it's the cold weather that's keeping them from popping one out. I had sort of given up on getting any eggs til it gets warmer. So when I opened the coop and saw the fake egg (there to stimulate production) next to a REAL GREEN ONE, I screamed. Actually, I was on the phone with my friend Michelle, and I yelled in her ear! And then I grabbed the egg, hung up the phone, and ran into the house, screaming for all to hear! Of course, the only one home was Abby, so it was a little anti-climactic. BUT WHO CARES?! WE'VE GOT EGGS PEOPLE!!!

See that other one? It's also green! Or maybe blue, I can't tell and the pictures screw all the color up. But I'm assuming they are both from the same hen! And do you know why? Well, my chickens (Easter Eggers) are a mutt of the chicken world. They were bred from Americaunas and Aracaunas specifically for their shells which will be either green, blue, or pink. You know who's who because whatever color that bird gives you will ALWAYS be the color she gives you. And yesterday I heard some bawking in the yard. A little strange because they are normally soft spoken, I took it for a tiff among the ladies. But this morning, after I was so excited to get that first egg last evening, I went out to let them roam the yard. They all climbed out promptly, but Dot looked around the yard and walked back up into the coop. Alone. And you should know that chickens roam in packs. They stick together. So for Dot to need some "alone time" was unusual. BAWK BAWK! And now we have two eggs!!

Just in time for Easter. And I won't even have to dye my eggs this year. :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

random musings from a busy mom

Hello out there! Have you missed me?! I have been so busy. Just like you. And I've let my blogging slip through my fingers. It's awful.

tbh (I just learned from my 11 year old that means: To be honest), I've been doing so many things I love, I've totally run out of time to write. I go to a bible study on Wednesdays that completely blows my mind and teaches me more about the bible each week than I ever learned growing up in a church. It's hard core and includes daily homework. But oh my word, if you want to study the bible, this class is for you.

And then there's the wedding! My big sister came in town, my little sister got hitched, and then they all left. Sister, sister, and hubby. Yes, he got to go on Haley's honeymoon with them. OK, not really, but he took an all boys trip to Santa Fe to snowboard for 5 days. So my house was quiet. And busy. And quiet.

I've been working on some new ideas for my classes. I've got an Easter Egg class coming up this week and also one after spring break. They both have at least one opening if you're interested, so "hop on over" by clicking the link. We're headed to Disney for spring break, probably the last Disney trip we'll take before the kids are "too old" for that kind of fun. It will be fun and bittersweet. But for now, busy. Because I'm having to pack everyone up and buy tickets, and secure our hotel and flights, and..... the list goes on and on.

And then there's my book club. I cherish those girls and the joy they bring to my life with their friendships. And we had our monthly meeting this week. So last night I was BUSY. (Are you seeing a recurring theme here?)

But don't forget: I AM AN URBAN FARMER. And I've been busy waiting patiently EVERY DAY for those silly hens to lay. Just one of them! I beg of you for the love of all that is good! LAY AN EGG FOR PETE'S SAKE! whew. Sorry for that outburst. Anyway, as I was saying, I've been doing some spring cleaning for the hens. And of course there's the daily upkeep of feeding those little turkeys girls. They are so fun and playful. I love how Eva chases me back to the house underfoot each morning when I let them out to play in the yard. She stops short of the doggie door. I'm hoping they never get smart enough to figure out they CAN fit through that door and into my house. The poo. OH THE POO that would be had. Yes, it's a good thing they are not super smart.

And speaking of chickens, tomorrow I am getting interviewed about our backyard flock! Mama's gonna put on her bra again and rep-re-sent for all the suburban chicken farmers in this town. The fact that anyone cares what I have to say about chickens is frankly, amusing. But get me going and I'll tell you every last thing I've learned. And it's fun knowledge. Not boring stuff like names of bones and such. Not to offend the doctors out there! You need to know the bones! In case I break one! And then I'll be happy to pay you in eggs. If I ever get any.