Thursday, January 2, 2014

675 eggs and then some

This is one of three ornaments I got this Christmas season from sweet friends who know and love that I love my girls.

Yes, 675. That's how many eggs we got from our girls in 2013. Well, since I started counting. And I started counting when they all started laying.

They all started laying May 1. They were 6 months old. And productive! Clearly.

Interesting stats (if you give a hoot at all about my silly chickens):

*June was their best month (130 eggs)

*From May-August, they laid the majority of their eggs. 476.

*In December, they (and by they, I mean Eva) laid 22 eggs total. Ouch. I hated buying eggs in the store.

All in all, a good first year with my girls. They are still roaming the yard daily, enjoying each other's company and the occasional visit from Chloe, and staying out of trouble. The cold weather has not deterred them. Although when it's snowed, they stay in the run. And yes, they are warm and fine at night, for those of you worrying that I don't worry enough. That means you, Mom. ;)

Yes. 675 eggs. That's a lot of farm fresh goodness. Right here in suburbia.

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