Sunday, January 27, 2013

love is in the air

This, my friends, was the inspiration for my latest Sassy Sawdust party. But what I love, and what you are about to see, is that inspiration comes from collaborating minds. That's why I love having these parties so much! You can see from the pictures just how creative everyone can be! And, how one idea can bounce off one person and inspire others to use a technique they had never planned to use. It's brilliant!

So let me share with you some of the latest creations, modeled by some very lovely ladies.

Don't you love her Mary Engelbreit inspired heart? I've known this lovely lady since I was born. She is precious to my soul. And so fun to be around!

This is her biffle! And let me tell you, they are twins from otha mothas. I loved meeting this lady!! And don't you love her use of red and aqua?? Splendid.

This cutie patootie made a darling girly heart! And she's another of those friends who is precious to my heart. *sigh* :)

Oh my. This lovely lady took the heart to a whole new level. She is my handmade hero, first of all. And she inspired my theory on crafting. Come to a party and I'll share it with you. Don't you love how she sanded the edges? And of course, she brought her own ribbon and burlap flowers. Because she's awesome that way.

This one, oh she's a firecracker. The things that come out of this lovely lady's mouth will have you in stitches. She's as southern as southern is. And her shabby take on the heart made my heart smile. I could eat her, and her heart, with a spoon.

This, my friends, is one of my favorite lovely ladies on the earth. She is my yaya, my book clubbie, and a serial Sassy Sawdust attendee! I love her from the deepest part of my heart. *sniffle sniffle* Oh, and her daugther inspired her heart. She wanted color and polka dots. I'd say mama delivered! :)

And how about this cutie? We didn't get a picture of the creator because she claimed that at her age she shouldn't have to be photographed. Silly mama. She's a beauty, no matter her age. And so is her heart! I love the choice in ribbons!

And how about this sweet thang? See how one mind inspires another? I love how they are all alike and yet so different! This lovely lady I met from my teaching days, not so far behind me yet. She taught kindergarten. How can you not love a lady who loves the little ones? She's a doll.

And last, but certainly not least, a picture of one of my other favorite lady's hearts. This lady is what we coined a "triple dipper" because she is not just a teaching friend, or a mama friend, but a many places in life friend. And now she's also a serial Sassy Sawdust class member! I'm pretty sure she's just being nice, showing up over and over. But that's how much she loves me. And love is in the air....

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