Tuesday, January 8, 2013

chevron fun

I'm toying with an idea. I've had too many people to ignore the idea tell me that I should teach crafting classes. Would you come?

Let me show you something I did last week. I tested the waters. My sister had a bridal shower and I was able to see what it would be like to "teach a crafting class." I had made this for my own kitchen, just to have a place for my weekly menu. And then friends started to notice. And say how they'd like one, too! And the seed was planted.

So let me show you the SIMPLE thing we made:

We started with these simple items. A picture frame from Hobby Lobby, fabric, and some flowers from both the crafting aisle and the scrapbook aisle in Hobby Lobby. Bring along a pair of scissors, hot glue, and some spray adhesive, and you're in business!

Then we cut the fabric to fit, used the spray adhesive to adhere the fabric to the backing, and popped it in the frame.

After using the hot glue to adhere the flowers to both the frame and the glass, we had a darling "make and take" dry erase board!

So here begins my public announcement that I am considering the concept, based on demand, to teach "crafting" classes. And now I ask you, dear reader, would you come? Would you, if you had this option in your area, take a class to make and take a craft?

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