Tuesday, January 22, 2013

laughter is good for the soul

Oh boy. I have been knee deep in sawdust the past few days. In fact, I really believe I will be dreaming about cutting circles with my jig saw tonight. No joke. But no biggie, it's all in the name of crafting fun! I'm working on a few new ideas including a basketball (for all you Thunder fans out there), a baseball (for all the mamas like me who will spend hours in the heat this summer, all for the love of a little boy and "the game."), and a spring door hanger that is going to knock your socks off (no hints!). Yes, Sassy Sawdust is in full swing. And I am loving every minute of it.

The Man is the creative genius of the family. And of course he has LOTS of ideas to toss around. However, you should know that while he's genius, I'm "the filter" so never fear, we will NOT be crafting a neon yellow baseball. Ouch. Leave the colors to me, honey. :) love you! :)

Anyway, I came across something yesterday that I had seen once before. And while I'm in the business of growing my blog, I'm actually going to do something crazy. I'm going to send you to another blog. For this post only! :)

I started reading this and I began smiling. As I read on I started to chuckle, and by the end I was in full-on TEARS MIXED WITH LAUGHTER about how hysterical this situation is. So, I ask you to grab a kleenex, sit down, and enjoy. Laughter is good for the soul.

Check this out.

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