Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Growing pains

Weeeellllll, it appears I can't get my poop in a group. So I'm changing my blog name, but keeping the old address for now. So I don't lose people along the way. :)

So, let me introduce to you: Sassy Sawdust, formerly 39 is the new 40. And we all know why the name needs to change. I started this blog last year (2012) while I was (still am) 39. I wanted to start a blog and when I sat down to tinker around, I realized that I needed a name. Fast. And out of my silly brain came "39 is the new 40." However, it was short sighted, since I won't be 39 forever. :)

And here I sit, teetering on the edge of 40, dreading May 13th like the dickens, and still loving the blog. And crafting. So something had to change. And it wasn't my birthday (for obvious reasons).

WELCOME! Enjoy the show, which is my life, full of sparkles and sawdust.

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