Sunday, February 17, 2013

sleeping brings out my inner writer

I do my best thinking at night. Don't you? I mean, I can hash it all out there... the good, the bad, the ugly. The blog, my parenting, relational issues. You name it, I can solve it in my bed. But only as I'm on the verge of sleep. Only when I'm so close to sleep that rolling over to write something down is COMPLETELY not optional. I do some great writing during this time. And I can make a craft project, from scratch, right there in my bed.

But my biggest problem is that I can't remember any of it the next day. The craft projects stick, because my brain actually IS good that way. But all the words, the most important stuff of life, are lost. It's sad. And only when I am given a reminder by an interaction or a picture or a whisper in my mind, do I remember anything.

Yesterday, I had a reminder. I haven't told you about where we're at with my daughter. And I want to follow through because, HELLO, I asked you to pray for me. For us. For her. And you DID! And I neglected to tell you the answers we received. But last night, in my bed, I remembered at the edge of sleep.


This precious girl, the one who lives life with this positive attitude every day, is good.

The doctor we met with, an orthopedic surgeon, is named as the best. In other words, we could not have gotten another doctor in our area who is more qualified at what he does. And one would naturally assume that when you go to see a surgeon, they will propose surgery as an answer to your problem. However, that is not what happened at all. When we met with Dr. P, he told us that after looking at our daughter's xrays, he felt like surgery would be unnecessary at this time. He said to come back in 6 months. And he said she probably won't need it then either, based on her growth.

A surgeon who doesn't want to do surgery?! That's the stuff answered prayers are made of, people!

Now, I should be honest. I left bewildered. I wondered at his opinion: "I'd almost be embarrased to do surgery for anything less than 50 degrees." Then WHY are there surgeons out there doing them at 35 degrees? 40 degrees? Either way, I was glad to know that she wouldn't be going under the knife anytime soon, if at all. But I was left to wonder: do we need a second opinion? And if we've come to the best doctor in OKC, then where would we even get that second opinion? Surely if we went looking, we could find someone who would do surgery, but isn't that what we were hoping to avoid?

And there you have it. Where our lives left off. Where Abby's story paused. We've decided that since she is not in pain, and this scoliosis is HARDLY slowing her down, we're going to wait and watch. And thank God that we found a surgeon who is conservative with surgery. Because if our sweet baby girl reaches her full height anytime soon, her scoliosis will also reach it's full growth. And if it's less than 50 degrees and she is still pain free, then we have done right by our precious child.

Thank you, from the bottom of my full heart, for praying for my daughter. It means everything to me.

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