Tuesday, February 19, 2013

this sister is beside herself.

Oh my goodness, I have terrifically exciting news. Well, it's exciting for me anyway. OK, actually TWO exciting things!

In 11 days my little sister is getting married! She is so beautiful and I can't wait to see her as a bride. She will really make me hate her with her gorgeousness. Of course, I could never hate her. She's my first little sister I ever got. And I begged and pleaded as a child. I finally got one. When I was 16. And she was the funniest looking baby I had ever seen. (Let's pause here and mention that she was the FIRST baby I had ever seen and no one had prepared me for the baby to come out looking all newborn-ish. Of course now, I totally see the beauty in a newborn. But not when I was 16. Oh no. Not when I was 16.) Still, I changed her diapers and fed her bottles. I rocked her and kissed her from head to toe. I loved that little baby girl and her precious smile. But now, oh yes, now she is a woman. Who's getting married. And making me feel kind of old. When I change her baby's diaper one day, life will have truly come full circle.

So that brings me to the other exciting news! My sister is coming! My sister is coming!! My BIG sister, that is. My older, wiser, bigger sister will be here for the wedding. She's bringing my gorgeous niece with her (one more person to hate for their beauty), and they are staying with US!! You have no idea how excited this makes me, people! Beth is my biffle (even more so than my jigsaw and sander, yes!). She's my bestest friend on the face of the planet and doing life with her makes me a better person. Our visits these days are so few and far between because she lives in Georgia. Thank you Jesus for FaceTime.

Beth is so sweet and supportive of me and my blog and my new business. So when I planned all my classes around her visit, she shocked me when she asked me to hold a class while she's here. The first night! She said it would be more fun to attend my class (for the experience of it) than to just make one together. So I have a new class listed online. On February 29th. We're making a birdie door hanger, as per her request. And if you come, you can meet my precious sister for yourself. Or catch up if you already know her! :)


I can NOT wait to hug these sweet cheeks!!

yes, I am taller than her.

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