Saturday, February 9, 2013

Daddy Daughter Dance

Every year around Valentine's Day there is a special night. But it's not for the wives or the mothers. It's made just for the little princesses in this town who love their daddies. It's put on by the City of Norman and they do it at a nice hotel here in town. It's called the Daddy Daughter Dance. It lasts an hour and a half and they serve punch and cookies.
But, it's gotten so big that there are several time slots throughout the day and evening. Some people take this deal overboard with limo rides and professional hairdos. We haven't gone that far yet and I'm pretty sure we'll never make it that far, since the little girls are only eligible to go until they're 14. We're getting closer each year to the end and so far, no limo. HOWEVER, for full disclosure, last year they did rent a room in the hotel where the dance is held. And they spent the night after swimming in the pool. And little miss got to eat all the bacon her tummy could handle for breakfast the next morning before driving the mile home.
This year they ate at Olive Garden beforehand. And they went with their standing dates: Danny and Madi. It's been a tradition for many years now. And who doesn't love a tradition? Wanna see my precious girl? She looks a little more like a teenager than a little girl, but I think she's stunning.

Here she is with her daddy.

And with Madi:

And here's a little throwback to years gone by:

circa 2008

circa 2009

circa 2012

Meanwhile, back at the Frakes Family Farm, Gavin and I are eating Sonic and playing board games. Right after we wrangled Flo back into the yard. That's right, our chicken was wandering around in our front yard as we were driving away to get dinner. Ack! Grab the chicken! Get her in the coop! I'm pretty sure we looked like hot messes running around the front yard trying to herd her into the backyard, and hence, the coop. She made it there, but not before the neighbors thought we were crazy, I'm sure. Just another day in the life of an urban farming family.

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  1. What a sweet thing the Daddy Daughter Dance is....Thanks for sharing the photos!