Saturday, November 24, 2012

Time to get our Christmas on!

Oooooh Boy!! I am so excited for Christmas this year. I caught the bug about two weeks ago, which I know was way to early. But I couldn't help it. I started printing my Christmas cards, planning my parties, and anxiously awaiting the day that was socially acceptable to erect my tree. And yippee! It's here!

This week I have slowly but surely put out all the decorations. But my very favorite thing to hang is my Advent calendar. And let me tell you about this calendar. Many years ago (10, I believe?), Martha Stewart had a picture in her magazine, which of course I subscribed to. It was a darling white mantel with a string of socks hanging across it. The socks were those muted greens, greys, and blues she used to do everything with. And they were CUTE. I mean, I was inspired. I started thinking about where I could put my socks on a string. I had no mantel at the time (house #4) but I was undetered. I set my mind to having the Martha Stewart sock Advent calendar.

And that was when I happened upon Gymboree. They were selling their end of season socks for 75 cents a pair. And these socks were adorbs (as my daughter says). They were not anything like Martha's socks, but they were perfectly appropriate for kids. And so I bought my 12 pairs and went on my merry way.

I came home and filled these socks with junk from the dollar section at Target and candy. Lots of candy. I hung them on a string from my closet and I clothespinned them on with old clothespins in my house, some of which had letters on them from my "teaching" days. Who cared. They were fun. The kids loved them! And all was well.

Through the years I've altered my initial mission. No more toys that go in the trash a month later. Now it's filled with the occasional dollar bill and piece of candy, but mostly with strips of paper that represent something to DO. Like what? you ask. Well, one may have "bake cookies with mom" or ""starbucks run with dad." I also have things like "game night" and "walk the dog with mom" and "hot chocolate by the fire." The point became doing life together, not spending money.

But this year, I looked on these socks with a longing. To make them cuter. To make them look nicer. More me. And that's when I headed out to Hobby Lobby and Michaels to find some number stickers. I tried this last year also, but strangely, number stickers were hard to find. ??!!

Then I cut a new jute line, spray painted the ugly clothespins, and strung her up in her rightful place.

Isn't she cute?! I'm in love. And I can't wait to fill her up this week with missions to complete and joy to be had. Merry Christmas y'all!

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