Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Put on your bra! Mama's gonna be on TV!

Well oh my goodness, if yesterday didn't turn out to be a crazy day, I don't know what would be!

One minute, I'm sitting around my house wearin jammies and a houserobe, and minding my own bidness (I know I spelled that wrong, Mom. Don't correct me.) and the next minute I'm shining in my 15 minutes of fame!

You see, my chickens, The Girls, got to make their tv debut courtesy of this mama right here. And all because last night the City of Norman was voting on the Chicken Ordinance. We were in favor of the ordinance passing. Obviously, because we want to keep our hens. Hello. And a friend of mine who works for the local news channel asked if I'd be interested in letting them film a little spot in my backyard. ABSOLUTELY! I replied. And then I made a mad dash for the bathroom where I stripped off those afore mentioned jammies and threw on a little leopard ditty and some mascara. And the rest is history!

You can see that first spot here. And yes, I said first, because the fame and notoriety didn't end there.

Around 6:45 I arrived at the City Council meeting. I sat with my sweet and obedient son in the back row. Then I waited and listened. There were a lot of things on the agenda before the chickens came to pass. Some time later the moment arrived. They asked for community input and a darling little old man got up and spoke in support of the ordinance. I was feeling fine about not speaking out until a kooky woman made her way to the podium and passionately talked about how smelly my (our-collectively) chickens will be and how she desperately didn't want it to pass. The whole while my kids were sitting on either side of me egging me on to get up and speak. I know, I'm so punny!!

I started getting a feeling in my chest (the one I get when I'm fired up to speak my mind). So I lept out of my seat and headed up to the microphone. I told them how we considered our chickens pets and family members. How preposterous it is to believe that the waste from 4 small chickens could possibly smell up an entire neighborhood. And how people want to follow a growing movement. LET US OWN OUR OWN CHICKENS IN PEACE! I YELLED! Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating. But once I said what I had to say I sat down. And they voted soon after.

Guess what? It passed! 8-1, in favor. Hallelujah, we don't have to give away the birds or worse yet (gasp!) put them in a pot for dinner!

Here are the other two interviews. For your entertainment pleasure. These happened after I stepped out of the council meeting and saw these two sweet reporters in the hall who wanted to interview me about my chickens. Haha! Who knew those silly birds would bring such fame to the Frakes family.

Channel 5 ABC news

Fox News

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