Friday, November 9, 2012

Before and After

I LOVE a before and after. Don't you? To see an ugly space made new gets my creative juices flowing. So today I was inspired by this new website I recently found, courtesy of my sweet friend, Susan, who knows I love a good redo project. It's called BetterAfter. Check it out when you're done here. You'll love it!

I offer you now some of the before and after pictures of one of our old houses. We've had six. Yes, six houses. Don't ask. And this was the most fun in transforming. Proooooobably because we spent an ungodly amount of money doing it. And that's always fun. Until all your life savings are tied up in a mortgage... and then there's another blog for another day.

Anywho, without further ado, I present our house in Hall Park, Norman, Oklahoma. Purchased for a steal... 3,000 square feet for $150,000. Don't worry, you will see quickly why we had to buy it so cheap. It needed a LOT of help.

Obviously, before...

And after. Do I need to explain the many things that are different here? Hopefully you can see for yourself. The rest I will leave you with for your own observation. They need no words, really.

The front living room:

The back living room:

The bar turned into this desk:

The kitchen:

The Master Bedroom:

Master Bath:

Now, this has been a labor of love, my friends. So we'll call this part one. And I'll do part two later, with about 7 more rooms to go. Hope you enjoyed them as much as we enjoyed redoing them!


  1. Found you from Better After....Is that a cork board made out of wine corks in your desk niche? I love this idea, can you tell me how you did it?

    Love your site!

  2. Wow!! Found your blog from Better After. Great transformations!!

    Love your wine cork board too. Can you do a post about it?

  3. You've come a long way, baby! This is fantastic! I wish I had your vision because I have a front room just begging to be fantastic.

    I love the kitchen, as I'm sure everyone does. But the transformation around the fireplace is a million times better than it was before. Amazing!

  4. Thanks guys! Gosh, I wish I had taken closer pics of the cork board. To follow up, I purchased those corks at a garage sale for $20! Can you believe that?? And then I just hot glued them straight to the wall. They were laid in a pattern of two vertical, two horizontal, two vertical, two horiz... you get the picture. It was SUPER easy, but somewhat time consuming. I've done that in two houses. And I've always loved the effect. Thanks for asking! Oh and I LOVE better after! I was excited to be shared there!! :)