Wednesday, December 26, 2012

White Christmas

Oh my goodness, people! It snowed here in lowly Norman, Oklahoma on Christmas day!! Just so you know the odds, since they've been recording snowfall in Oklahoma (about 100 years), it's only snowed 5% of the time on Christmas day. Now you may remember that just a couple years ago we had the Blizzard of 2010 which produced 14 inches that day. This was no blizzard. In fact it was a weak showing (maybe almost an inch??). But the folks south of us got a lot more. And I'm happy for anyone who gets snow in these parts at Christmas. IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!!

So, the temperature here is about 28 degrees and yesterday morning it was a balmy 14! I was quite worried about our feathered friends in the backyard. They have a heating lamp inside the coop, but the minute I went out and opened the door to add some bedding, hoping that would help, I was attacked! No kidding! Those birds were tasting their freedom and a big open door provided it, even though Mama was IN THE WAY!

I thought I'd share a couple of pictures to show how the girls are doing. They stick together, but they are surviving. I'm comforted that if they were to die, they'd be frozen in death, and be a lovely meal in the pot later. :)

So here I am on my way out there... BBBRRRRRRR!!!!

Their water was frozen solid. So I had to pour a tea kettle of boiling water on it to thaw it out some. Don't worry, no chickens were harmed in the thawing of this water container.

Here they are huddling around the water cooler heater dispenser.


So of course, I had to come back in and thaw out by the fire with this:

And yes, there actually IS some hot cocoa in there with those lovely marshmallows.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year y'all!

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