Tuesday, December 4, 2012

let's take a peek inside...

I have warned my kids: see those wrapped presents under the tree? If you touch them, they will disappear. I will return them from whence they came if you pick them up. Why would I be so grinchy about the gifts? Because, friend, when kids get older, their presents become more obvious when wrapped. For instance, if you picked up one of those boxes, you could tell it is shoes. And my dear daughter has been begging for a pair of Sperrys for several months. Do I want her to know she's finally getting them?! NO! So, I threaten. And so far, they have steered clear. Whew!

Speaking of, I negelected to tell you when I posted my Advent Sock Calendar what was inside! I know at least some of you are wondering, because you've asked me! And so without further ado, let me explain the innards of my calendar.

I have a busy family. My son plays multiple sports, and my daughter is a singer/dancer. They are doing something virtually any day of the week. So in order to pull off my calendar, I have to get out the planner. I have to check it twice. Just like Santa. And then and ONLY then can I get my poop in a group and make this whole gig happen. So what you're about to see are the plans for this year. But I will tell you, they are based on nights that are free vs. nights that are busy. You'll see what I mean. I'm giving you more than 24 ideas here, too, because some of these may not work for you. And I because I know we're 4 days into the calendar. Use what you'd like and scrap the rest! :)

Dec. 1 We started a Christmas Family Smashbook. It will include scripture every other day that relates to the season. It's like scrapbooking Christmas. I found a list of Christmas scripture on pinterest. But here it is if you can't find it.

Dec. 2 one piece of candy each
3 bake cookies with Mom
4 Go to Bricktown for sledding in the ballpark!
5 walk the dog together
6 hot chocolate by the fire
7 $1 each
8 Starbucks run!
9 make pizookies at home! See BJ's
10 home movie night
11 $1 each
12 candy
13 game night
14 sleep with Mom or Dad
15 candy
16 bake cookies with Mom
17 drive around with hot cocoa to look at Christmas lights
18 Eat Out
19 candy
20 Have a single friend and her family over for dinner
21 Chickasha Festival of Lights
22 get a soda from Dodson's
23 bake cookies and deliver to the fire station
24 $5 each

*McDonalds for an ice cream cone
*get somethings (anything!) from the Dollar Store

Now, are you seeing a theme here? I try to focus on being together more than on treats. And that's because we are a busy family with lots of places to be without each other. I try to help us look outside of ourselves as well. And I love FREE! But mostly I believe Christmas is a time to be with family and focus on the real reason we celebrate this fun holiday to begin with. JESUS! I love that guy.

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