Sunday, January 25, 2015

the circle of life

My son got grounded on Friday. We're having trouble with him listening, so when he skipped the shower in favor of a 30 minute ESPN show, I took the itouch away.

This morning he was whining about not having his itouch. WHINING. Like, sitting at the table with me, head down on his arm, pretending to cry.

I'm not sure if he thought, the more I whine, the more likely I am to get my itouch back in a hurry, OR WHAT. But good grief, these kind of moments with my children show me something very important about life.


Don't we all swear we will NEVER say things to our kids that our parents said to us? Yah, when that first comment comes out of our mouths, we realize WE ARE NOT IMMUNE. So here's what I actually said to my son just now... (very calmly, I might add)

"Son, stop crying. You're in 5th grade. If you can't stop crying about an itouch, then I will spank you and you'll really have something to cry about."

WOW. I AM my dad. And before you tell me I'm a bad parent for spanking a 5th grader, don't worry, he hasn't had a spanking in YEARS.

In conclusion, I'd like to defend parents everywhere. It's not our fault. Some of those lines really were good.

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