Monday, February 24, 2014

little b and the kenyans

Yeehaw people! Brenda and I headed to Cowtown last weekend!

And of course after we left the Expo, we headed HERE.

And when you go to Central Market, you have to have a beer on the patio! With an eclair. Maybe.

busted by the shadow!

And then, OF COURSE, Trader Joes. Because no trip is complete without a stop for Two Buck Chuck.

And then we went to Mom's house in Forth Worth, where she hosted us with her mostest. First, dinner at BJ's. Yummm!

And then off to bed. Early to rise! 5:20 am

So here's where the fun begins. We dropped Brenda at the starting line (I didn't sign up. The weather in OK has been snowy and wonky lately. I don't train well on treadmills.). Then we headed to a Starbucks nearby. We went there last year and sat for a while then headed to different spots on the route to cheer her on. But this year, I was jumping on the course near the end, to give her a hand. Her training hasn't been so hot, either.

When what to my wondering eyes did appear but two police cars with lights and some elite athletes FLYING down the road outside the window! WHA... WHAT??? I didn't know we were sitting on the route! So out we ran, to grab a pic of the elites. That, by the way, is how I run in my dreams.

And then I stood there, giddy, and jealous, of all the runners who had trained. And after a while I saw her! Little B! Running down the road at clipper-like pace! She was looking good! And I was looking like a fool, jumping up and down, waving my hands over my head, and screaming her name. LUCKILY she saw me. Otherwise, all the people standing around me would have thought I was screaming at a pretend friend.

So we left there. There weren't any more pretend friends to scream at. And headed east. The Starbucks was only 2 miles into the race and my meeting point to hop on the course was at 9 miles. So I figured I had a lot of time. We hopped in the car and were right across the street from where we planned to park, when all of a sudden... BAM!! Here came the Kenyans! HOLY CRAP! They are FAST!!! Look at that FORM!!

Well, we had to wait a minute for them to clear the intersection, but clear they did, in a hurry. And then we sat and waited. Me and my chauffeur. Named Mom.

While we waited, we saw this. A BOY. He COULD NOT be more than 12 years old. WOW!! And he was in the faster group!! He was amazing!!

And then I stood, staring down this hill. THE WORST HILL TO RUN ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET. It's the road that takes you out of the Stockyards in Ft. Worth, Texas, by the way. It's a (#*$&@. I didn't envy those runners.

When little B came up that hill, I was waiting. Heck NO, I didn't help her up the hill! There were other hills to be had on this course still ahead! HAHAHAHA. And off we went.

I ran with her from miles 9-12 and then I hopped off. I felt like a faker running into the finish. Plus I wasn't wearing a bib. HAHA!

And there you have it, Brenda's PR. That's Personal Record for those of you who don't run.

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