Monday, February 17, 2014


Warning: This is a shameless plug for sympathy from other parents.

I have this amazing daughter. You've read about her before. She's beautiful and tall (5'7" now, holy COW!!), and has a curvy spine. She loves to sing and dance and TALK. Oh my, the talking.

I feel like the older I've gotten, I've become more and more introverted. Stop snickering... you know who you are. I know, it sounds funny to hear me, Kim Frakes, label myself "introverted." And maybe I'm not. Maybe it's that my words get stuffed and overshadowed by the TALKERS in my family. OH MY! The TALKING!

But wait! This isn't about me. "The Loner.", my husband recently called me. "I don't know why you ever got married." he said. All because a girl wanted to escape the noise and read a book in her room. :)

OK, I've highjacked enough. See? I'm desperate to get some words out in this house so now I'm turning to my blog to pour it all out. NOW, BACK TO MY DAUGHTER.

She sings. Did you catch that? Sings. And I mean SINGS. She walks around our house using not just her words, but her lungs. And let me tell you, she can BELT IT. Sometimes it's a beautiful thing. And sometimes, for the love of all that is good, we have to beg her to stop. And not for lack of talent. She hits the right notes and sings right on key. But the sheer volume. The heights to which she can reach in VOLUME.

Below is an actual text I had to send her in her room one evening.

Me, sitting in the kitchen listening to her sing in her room, ACROSS THE HOUSE, and consequently, closest to our next door neighbors: I'm pretty sure Bob is getting ready to walk over and complain. You are singing way too loud tonight. Please pipe down.

Reaction? She immediately stops singing (presumably to read her latest text message), swings her door open and comes running down the hall laughing. "Really? Am I THAT loud?!?! Do you REALLY think BOB CAN HEAR ME???" (she's wearing a very wide and proud smile)

The sad thing is: it's not bad! She has a talent! And many times I stop what I'm doing just to listen.

I think we need a bigger house. One where sister girl gets her own sound proof wing. And G gets a basketball court for a bedroom.

Yes. That. That would be livin' the dream.

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