Sunday, February 2, 2014

possessive pronouns

Let me set the scene. In my classroom with my 13 precious students. I'm teaching grammar.

Teacher: This is new! It's called a possessive pronoun and we will label it PP.

Boy who loves to talk and is never afraid to speak his mind. He is looking at me with his chin down and eyebrows up.

Boy: That's a BAD WORD!

Me, turning around from the board, oblivious to his concern: What? What. (now it occurs to me, I know, I can be slow on the uptake)

Boy: That WORD you just said!

Me: What, PP?

Boy, still cutting his eyes up at me in disdain: Yesss. And you DON'T have to say it like THAT!

Me, trying not to laugh, because I can appreciate potty humor with the boys I've got in my own home: PP? P.... P.... The marking we use when we are classifying a POSSESSIVE PRONOUN.

Boy: IT'S a BAD word. You should stop using it.

Me: PP?

(giggling enters the room. as i scan the crowd, i realize the only ones giggling are boys.)

Me: Ohhhhhkay. Let's all get this out of our systems. If you need to giggle, let's do it now. Go ahead! Get your giggles over with. Because this really isn't funny. (pregnant pause)

(boys giggle and then try their hardest to straighten their faces out)

Enter scrumptious little girl who has two brothers and isn't a super girly girl.

Girl: Yah, because it's NOT FUNNY.

Me, looking at her: YES. So! Are we ready now?! Let's move on....

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