Friday, March 7, 2014

lady g

Today's funny comes to you courtesy of my son, G. I've just woken him up and we're laying on his bed in the dark quiet.

G: Mom, last night I saw a picture on the internet of lady gaga without any makeup.

Me: Oh yeah? (thinking to myself: Scott! he's in big trouble. why was my son looking at pictures on the internet? where was his daddy? while I was sleeping... okay, I can't be that mad.)

G: Yah. And she was WHITE!

Me: (a small giggle is bubbling up, because I'm wondering how he ever DIDN'T know she's white)

G: Yah! She's WHITE and she has BROWN HAIR! And she doesn't even have special eyes!

Me: (silent, stifling my laughter)

G: Yep. Can you believe that?

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