Friday, August 3, 2012

It's a bird! It's a plane! No! It's Super Mama!

Do you have a hero? I do! Actually I have several. I've got your basic mommy hero (my big sister, Beth), my teacher hero (Michelle), my organic hero (Lindsy), my reading hero (Kim), and my running hero... to name a few. Now, missy, why didn't you say who your running hero is, you ask? Because I want to tell you about her first.

This lady is my favorite running partner. She pushes me when I need to be pushed. She allows me to be human when I need to walk. She's watched me fall to the ground in exhaustion. She's jumped in my pool with me fully clothed after a long HOT run. She's made me laugh on every run from the beginning. And she's one of the kindest people I know. Plus she loves Jesus! What's more to love??

I'll tell you. This girl is a ROCK STAR. Shall I share her resume with you? She has run 13 half marathons, 2 full marathons, and an ULTRA MARATHON. That's 32 miles, people!! That is INSANE! And she did it! Plus this fall she is signed up to do another three half marathons and a full all before Christmas. It's easy to see why she's my hero, right?

But let me tell you, dear reader, the remarkable part of this little lady. Take a look and see for yourself...

When I say little, I mean LITTLE! She is a tiny thing! Literally she comes up to my shoulder when I stand upright. And holy cow, can she run. In the races we've run together, she has beaten me EVERY TIME!

I may be tall, but she has endurance like no other woman on earth that I know. One day.... ONE DAY, I hope to tie her on a race. Forget trying to beat this little force of nature. I just want to cross the finish line beside her.

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  1. Awwe! I love that I'm your organic hero (your standards are way too low). You both are my running heroes! Love your blog friend!