Thursday, September 5, 2013

where did sassy sawdust go?

I looked at the title of my blog and pondered. Sassy Sawdust? What have I done lately that involved sawdust? Nothing. Have I made anything sassy? Nope. Maybe it's time to change the blog name... again.

It's not that I've given up on my little side business of sawing, sanding, and painting adorable door decorations. It's just that with the heat in Oklahoma and my inability to stand sweating unless it involves some sort of exercise, I've been MIA. HOWEVER, I have a plan. One that involves footballs and OU and cooler temps.

So don't give up on me yet. I'll be doing less classes this fall because I'm currently in the business of loving on 13 little 2nd graders two days a week. But I have a plan. Don't give up on me yet. :)

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