Tuesday, September 3, 2013

my nemesis, my friend

Kim's Highlight Run of the Week:

The Hill.

This hill. This one? I hate it. It kills me. It hurts. I never conquer it the first run up. But give me 2 shots up this hill? OR 3 or 4? And I OWN this hill. It takes a warm up first-go-around for me to feel good, but after I make it up? I'm thankful for it.

Hills are a free gym, I've heard it said. And it's truth. You can feel the hills in your legs. And when it hurts bad, you know you're building muscle.

So come every Thursday from now until November 21st, you will see me on this hill. Because THIS HILL is nothing compared to the hills in Tulsa that I'll be running just before Thanksgiving. God help me.

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