Friday, October 17, 2014

friday funny

I'm sitting at lunch with one of my cutie patooties yesterday when I ask my table of kids, "Has anyone brought any canned goods yet to our our canned food drive?" I get deer in the headlight looks and one who says, "My mom is saving money so we can buy some cans of food soon."


Do you see that? That look? If not, turn your computer sideways. That's MY deer in the headlights look.

So I reply, "No big deal! Just bring some when you think of it soon." adding a smile.

The cutie to my right is sitting there, not speaking. After a pause in conversation, she looks at me and slits her eyes. And then telling a story as only she can, with her sweet little lisp, she says.....

"We actually made friends with a vagabond named Chris? (pause pause pause) (eyes still slitted) And heeeeeee's in jail now. In California. He was CAUGHT selling drugs."

OK. Now I ask you. Where do I begin? A VAGABOND? How many 2nd graders do you know who use the word vagabond in normal conversation?!?!

And what the what? I don't even need to know.

So I did what I always do when my littles tell me hysterical things. I reached for my phone to write it down word for word so I wouldn't forget later (for you, dear reader). And I began my deep breathing technique. The one that I use to keep from laughing outloud. Which is really hard for me.

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