Thursday, May 8, 2014

classroom giggles part 50,000

This conversation ACTUALLY happened today at school. We were in a school wide assembly and I was sitting by one of my little guys. I could eat this kid with a spoon, by the way. And he starts jibber jabbering in my ear. He's switching from topic to topic with lightning speed. Then this came out:

Cutie Patootie: I like Sundays. What's this. (Now he's pointing to something near his chin but he's covering it with the finger he's pointing with.) A pimple?

Me: (giggling internally and craning my neck to see past his finger) A pimple?

CP: Yah.

Me: Where? (trying to get him to move the stinkin' finger without coming out and saying it)

CP: Right here. (finger moves, revealing..... nothing)

Me: Oh, no! That's not a pimple.

CP: (nodding in approval of my answer) But there's a pimple on my BUTT!

Me: (nodding) HHMMMMM!

And then I turned quickly away. Because sometimes you just can't look at them if you need to keep a straight face.

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