Tuesday, April 2, 2013


We're Sooner fans around here. Born and bred, all four of my siblings and both my parents attended OU, it's where my husband and I met, and guaranteed, my children will most likely be OU alumns as well. It's in our bones. So I never understood the whole "professional" sports thing. I wondered how in the world they could get a backing of fans? In my mind there was no real reason to LOVE a pro team because there was no initial allegiance, like attending their school. But whatever. I don't think about sports a lot, besides OU football, so my thoughts stopped there.

But one day, Oklahoma City got a professional basketball team. I figured it would be fun to attend. And I knew we'd become fans. But I had no idea how much my son would come to LOVE the Thunder. And my husband! And the yelling in my living room when they play! It's official, we're now Thunder fans as well.

So when we went to Disney World on spring break, of course, we had to go to NBA City near Universal for lunch. It was yummy food (amazingly), but the best part was the store up front. Everything was overpriced. They had a court out front where you could play a timed free throw game and if you scored 13 out of 15 you got a free jersey from that pricey store. 10-12 and you could get a free ball. You get the picture. The less you score, the smaller the "prize" became. If you could score at least 4, you got half price on a photo session where they cropped you into a photo with famous guys from any team you chose.

As lunch wore on, my husband and son were obsessed. They were SURE they could each score AT LEAST 12, getting themselves a basketball. So they went to the counter, paid their $8 to play, and now I'm going to make a long story very short. Scott only hit 4 and so did Gavin. At least they had confidence. They really did believe in themselves. And that's good.

So we took our ticket for half price and went inside to do a photo shoot. They didn't have the special jersey Scott wanted on the photo rack, so he plucked one off the sales rack and threw it on G. This is him, in real life comparison to these two famous Thunder guys: Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant. They are G's favorites.

So you can imagine our surprise when the next day, as we are minding our own bidness, walkin' through Magic Kingdom, I look up and see a VERY TALL black man in the distance. That's KD, I muse. That's KD!, I say as I nudge my husband. THAT'S KD!, I say loudly for the kids to hear!

WHERE?!, my husband exclaims! Ummm, the very tall black man right in front of you!, I say to myself. And holy crap, just like that, we stumbled upon Kevin Durant in Disney World. He was surrounded by many *short* men and they were just standing there, unnoticed by the swarms of people hustling by. HOW? I don't know. But here we were, looking right at him, when I pulled out my phone and held it up. Scott says, "KD! Hey, we're from Oklahoma! We live in Norman! We're big Thunder fans! Look! Our son is wearing your socks!" Indeed, my son had on a pair of Nike Elite KD socks. Socks that are so pricey, they fed Kevin well at Disney, I'm pretty sure. Because we own them in both colors. For realz.

Anyway, that's when he looks expressionless at Gavin. As he scanned down his body to his feet, a smile appeared on his face. He looked back up at G's face and said, "What's up little man?" as he extended his hand to our son.

I should take a moment to explain to you that until this point, my son only saw a large gathering of black men. He had no idea who we were talking to, and why we were standing there. He, too, was looking down at his socks. And that's when he lifted his head to meet the eyes of Kevin Durant for the first time.

It hit him. He was speechless. SPEECHLESS! OUR SON! Who talks incessantly! It was awesome.

So I say: Hey! Can we get a picture?? *snap* goes the iphone.

No, sorry, he's not taking pictures right now, I'm sure you understand, says the short Disney employee with a smile on his face.

Oh! Of course! No problem, I say, smiling.

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  1. Best story ever, Kim! Love this so much! Gavin is so lucky!