Tuesday, October 30, 2012

sisterly love

I have sisters. Did you know that? And a brother! I don't want to forget him! Because he is the sweetest, most kind hearted person and I love him dearly. But this post is about sisters.

Do you have one? I've got a gaggle. A whole slew of these sweet blessings. And I'm going to tell you about them today. Because my love for these girls is endless. And I want you to love them, too.

First I'd like to introduce you to Beth, otherwise known as Elizabeth, these days. She is my older and bigger sister. She comes with the gift of age. 6 years on me, she's my favorite big sister ever. She loves me unconditionally and she has a heart that chases after Jesus as she chases after her four kids. She's been down all the roads I still have ahead, and I love her calm in my storm. She laughs with me, cries with me, and prays with me. And I am forever grateful for a sister like her. I will always be her annoying little sister, but she accepts me anyway, toots and all. And that's LOVE people. (Yes, I did just admit outloud that I toot. You know you do, too. Get that smirk off your face.)

Here she is, my very best biffle in the world. Baa (as I called her when I was two).

I'm certain there are better pictures of us, but I'm having trouble locating them. OOOO! Like maybe this one?

Either way, she boo-te-full! And I love her sweet cheeks.

Next in the sister line is Haley. She's the first little sister I ever had. She is in college, finishing her student teaching, to become an English teacher. I could not be more proud of her. But not because she symbolically followed in a sister's footsteps. I look at this gorgeous girl and I see Jesus. Haley has a heart of contentment that is hard to find in her generation. She has a peaceful spirit and an uncompromising love for the Lord. Being around this lovely lady has a calming effect. And I LOVE THIS GIRL!! Watching her grow up has been a pleasure. And knowing that she's getting married in 4 months is surreal. But I know she will make a fabulous wifey. And Mom! Someday. Hopefully not too soon. I'm still too young for her to have babies.

So without further ado... here is my favorite 6 foot tall baby sister!
Copyright 2012 Shevaun Williams

Oops! That's a modeling picture. Shhhh! Don't tell her, she gets embarassed. She's the most humble beautiful model I've ever known. OK, she's the only model I've ever known. But you have to agree, she's a stunner.

And here's the Haley I know...

Which leads me to my favorite short baby sister EVER! MEREDITH!!!

This girl is a ball of fun. She has been wreaking havoc in the lives of our family for 19 (almost 20) years. She is FUN, FUNNY, energetic, and of course, beautiful. My dad passed on some good genes! Mere (as we call her) has the sweetest heart. And she, too, LOVES Jesus! I love to spend time with this sister because she always makes me happy! She and I got the "little sister gene" and we tend to be the crazy and outspoken sisters in the crowd. I love that she says what she means and means what she says. I love that she is not afraid to be herself. And I love that she attends the same bible study as me now and I get to see her precious face every Wednesday!! Mere is in college, too (good OU girl) and she is a blessing to me in the most awesome way.

Wanna see this cutie patootie?!?! I've got pictures.... OHHHH do I have pictures. But she might kill me for posting many of them. However, they all show her fun and crazy side, which is the best side of her. So, I'm taking a chance she won't disown me now.

Here's an oldie but goodie... (eek! I've got braces!)

And here's a fun one we took at the same Chinese restaurant.

Ahhhhh SISTERS. Are there many greater joys than to have one? And I've got three. My cup overfloweth.

The whole silly lot of us, in height descending order.

Aaaaaaand, this pretty much sums it up.

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